Automatic Time Zone


@Dave, is there any plan to add something like:


I know I can use something like Telize to look up timezone. It is also a paid service since sometime in 2015 according to their site. Is there any other timeZone lookup library based on public ip address that anyone can recommend?



Hi @mtun009,

Cool idea! I think what you could do now would be to say, get your external IP from the cloud, and then hit a service with your IP using say, the geoIP database to get a location estimate?

I hope that helps!



I’m currently using the new Google Maps Geolocation feature which so far seems to work extremely well, geolocating on the basis of seen wireless networks.

This gives me a coordinate location that I can use for a webhook to hit up the Google Maps Timezone API.

Hope this tip helps:)


I am using Particle Photon. How can I detect the time zone automatically. Can anybody help me


There is no off the shelf solution. You may need to read through the whole thread and pick out the info aplicable for you.

And don’t open any more threads