Auto-Healer not working? (0.6.0) [false alarm]

I recently compiled new code in Particle Dev and when flashing my device from the app it updated me from 0.5.3 to 0.6.0. Now I’ve taken the same .BIN file and distributed it to my customers, but the first report is that they can’t install it. It just reverts to the old/existing firmware running on 0.5.3.

They are trying to install the firmware using my web-based firmware flasher that leverages the Particle Javascript SDK.

Isn’t the auto-healer supposed to kick in and bring their device up to date?

EDIT: Having re-read some threads, I now understand that the healer only kicks in once firmware is properly flashed (and it’s compiled against a more recent system firmware). Since the device in this case is coming back online using the previous firmware, I’m going to assume the user is having difficulty flashing it at all, and it isn’t a healer problem. I’ll report back if otherwise.

EDIT 2: Yep, user error. Nothing to see here.

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