Authentication Beep/Noise

Hey Everyone,

We’re building an application that involves authenticating with a Phone (NFC)/RFID. We’d like the device to “Beep” based on the RFID/NFC session being authenticated.

Is there a part people have had good success with? We’ll be using this in cold environments (-40F) as well as hot, if that makes a difference.



How does this look? The datasheet says it works in low and high temperature environments.

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@mblackler I have used a similar piezo device to the one @nrobinson2000 is proposing. It will work OK but may not be loud enough if it is on a PCB which is mounted inside an enclosure. You may need to consider a small op amp to allow a higher voltage to be used than the PWM 3.3V output on one of the pins.

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That’s really helpful, thanks. The murata module looks appealing and it I have 12v on hand that I can use.

Time to do some testing!

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