Audio React for my L3d 8x8x8 Cube

How do I set-up my L3D cube to pick up and react to external audio.

I apologize for so many simple questions as I am very new to the Proton and all of this new technology. I have done my best to trouble shoot and research alone to no avail.

And where do I download “Cubeviz” (I’ve looked just about everywhere)

Additionally, I can’t load user made animations from Cubetube in for some reason, it shows my cube, and says it’s “Compiling” but then…nothing.

Thanks Community!

If I am posting in the wrong place, just let me know.

While the L3D cube is based on a Particle Photon (BTW, not Proton :wink: ) it is not a Particle product and hence not directly supported by Particle or the community.
However, there might be some members who do own an L3D cube and can help, but I’d think the primary source for support should be as they seem to have created that product and contributed the L3D library

Thanks, Scruff. I found their community and will base all my future Particle Photon/Cube questions there.
Thanks for the response!

I just found this Instructable that might be of interest too

Awesome! Thanks again, ScruffR!

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