Attaching light pipe to Core LED

Hi, I have seen several forum posts where it is suggested to use a light pipe to display the Core’s RGB LED on the surface of an enclosure. Something like this I believe could be a good option… however, my question is how are you supposed to affix it to the Core? The light pipes I have seen need a couple mounting holes in the PCB… hopefully there is a better alternative than glue? Any ideas/suggestions for a simple/secure method of attaching a light pipe?


There are some lightpipes that clip into the panel and that is how they are supported, so that is an option if you can arrange to place the core/photon so the LED lines up with the end of the lightpipe.

Okay, so the light pipe wouldn’t even necessarily contact the LED, it would just be secured to the enclosure and drop down directly above it? I think that sounds like a good idea to try out, thanks!


Obviously getting the LED as close as you can to the lightpipe is good.