Atomiot (formerly Spark Tools) Cloud services for your Spark Projects


Hi @kareem613,
I have a live system connected to your site. very nice! It is a great help for estimating my development needs for my own graphics.



It works smoothly for me, great work.
I would suggest to add also 15 minutes to the roll down list of the interval (minutes), since it is the right trade off for many uses.
(I’m also waiting for the csv download)


Hi @kareem613, I just signed up. Looks very cool! I noticed that under “devices” there isn’t a URL setting? Any plans to make Atomiot available for private cloud spark server users? Thanks


What should I do if I forget my password?..I don’t see any forget password button…


Atomiot seems perfect for my need, but I can’t seem to get the Variables, or Functions to come up within the Spark Browser.

The Device viewer shows all my devices
The Event viewer does work, and does show published events.

I do have both a Particle.variable and Particle.function declared in my code in addition to the published event.

I’m running firmware 0.5.2 if that makes any difference.

Is there some step that I’ve missed. Some declaration somewhere?


The root cause of this not working is I didn’t have the Particle.Variable declaration as the first item in the setup() function. So it didn’t show up in the list of variables. I had it after a few other unrelated functions.


Hi, I used Atomiot during nearly 3 years now for many of my experiments and also for my fully “Particl’ized home”.
I want to thank @kareem613 for his contribution to this community and for letting us use it freely!

It is a very simple but very useful tool to relate the variables from different Particle devices to each other.

Since Kareem announced that he wants to close his service down, I have been looking for an alternative solution but no success…

Any tips?


@FiDel which features will be useful for you?


Hi Kenneth! Thanks for reacting!

The most important feature for me would be to have the possibility to show data from several Particle devices on one graph, like it is possible with Atomiot.

For example: In this graph, I show temperatures of several hot water boilers on the same graph.

As far as I could find, Blynk doesn’t allow this. It seems limited to showing data from only one Particle device…


@FiDel will something like this be a good replacement of what you require?

I quickly built this using the beta :particle: rules engine launched recently.

Simple logic building blocks to get a Particle.variable() every 10 seconds and chart it

Dashboard with a chart


Wow, interesting: I missed the launch of “the beta :particle: rules engine”!
Can I try this out?

On the pages of your LINK I can’t judge about the requirement described in my previous post…

Thanks for sharing this tip Kenneth!