Asset Tracker v2 - Built-in Logging?

Hello, apologies if this has been covered or asked elsewhere, I’m new to Particle. My Asset Tracker v2 arrived today and I hope to get tinkering over the weekend. Before I dive into it, I was wondering if the GPS chip has built-in logging? My previous experience is with using an MTK3339, which has built-in data logging. I see a lot of different things when I Google for “ublox m8 data logging,” and it looks like it depends on the exact chip. Does the chip on the shield have data logging capabilities? Thanks.

you would first need to get over the sd card hurdle. i’ve read that it is possible for photons so i guess it would depend on if the pins are open on the gps tracker. if you can hook a sd card then i would guess you could code writing the gps output to the sd card

@dkryder, the Asset Tracker v2 uses a Ublox NEO-M8Q GPS module which does not have onboard data logging. However, as @dkryder pointed out, you could use an external microSD with the SdFat library currently available. The Electron’s SPI port is available for that. You could also use an SPI or I2C external flash chip to store log data. You could run a file system on the flash using the SPIFFS library. All this to say that it could be done easily but with extra external components.

Ok, thanks. I have a microSD breakout board from Adafruit, I can try that.