Asset tracker not coming online

I’m using the Electron Asset Tracker V2 with a modified version of the WakeOnMove example in the AssetTrackerRK library. It works great most of the time, but occasionally will get stuck where it cannot fully come online.

-Device will not connect to the cloud without resetting the device. A reset will allow it to connect on reboot, but it will eventually lock up again.
-Status LED will blink light blue. Not the typical fast flash seen when connecting to the cloud, or the heartbeat indicating that it is connected. This is a medium flash of about twice per second.
-Device is able to still run through its firmware. After the programmed amount of time without connecting, the device will fall asleep and will wake back up as expected, but is still unable to connect.
-Serial output during this issue says “waiting to come online”
-Device is connected to a 12V battery in a vehicle without the use of the LiPo
-This problem is occurring on multiple devices on multiple vehicles.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

It’s always good to include what system version are you running on your device and which one are you targeting in your opening post.

Running 0.7.0. What do you mean by which one I’m targeting?

You can have 0.7.0 system installed on your device but still build and flash application firmware to any version before and that is what we call the target version.

Ok. The answer to both is 0.7.0.