Asset shield not connecting to network?

So I was connecting no issues yesterday, today it just blinks green.
Only change is that I changed the battery of the asset shield as yesterday I was unable to get a GPS fix so I presumed that it’s a battery issue.

@r0b0tn1k, which battery are you referring to? The small backup battery is not required if you have the main LiPo connected to the Electron.

Right now it’s connected to external cell phone battery 5v, 5000 mAh.

And yes, I was referring to the small backup battery.

@r0b0tn1k, make sure the antenna connector has not come loose. Pull out the small battery and test again. Make sure to give the Electron plenty of time to connect (at least 5 mins).

Disconnected - reconnected antenna and restarted device. Waiting, will reply in 5 min.

Still blinking green…

ping @rickkas7

So this morning was about to make a video with the device, so you can get a visual, 30 seconds later it connects no issues. I changed nothing since last night. I guess it just wasnt my night :slight_smile:

@r0b0tn1k, if you are indoors getting a signal can be next to impossible. You can use an external GPS antenna or in my case where I am in a basement workshop, I used a cheap USB powered GPS signal repeater.

In regards to GPS, I plugged in an external GPS antenna, which you can see from this video:
Btw, this is all stuff i’ve been able to do without issues previously.