Assertion Failure in Code

I have looked at other threads on this forum but I was unable to get any of them to help me.
My code is kind of long and probably very confusing, but I have isolated the problem, kind of.

Basically what happens is I plug in a connector to a custom board that the Argon is mounted into.

  1. I can move a joystick knob that changes analog values and it moves a motor by sending speed values across Serial1.

  2. There is an encoder that keeps track of position while the motor moves.

  3. Whenever I press the Joystick button it saves the current position value into EEPROM. I then proceed to do this a few more times up to a maximum of 6 positions.

  4. I can then unplug the connector, this opens a switch and then will leave program mode, upon exiting it will save the EEPROM object into the EEPROM.

The assertion failure does not happen during any of this process, after all of these steps, if I plug the connector back in, it will immediately SOS 10.

Another note, If I go into program mode and do not set any positions, which would not update the EEPROM the failure does not occur. I can plug the connector in and out with no failure, but when I update the EEPROM object, trying to return back to program mode causes the SOS 10.

thank you for any help,

@ParticleD, or @mstanley are you able to assist?

So - I am also seeing SOS 10 relating to EEPROM operations - in one instance I read 400 bytes or so from EEPROM in sequence and get SOS10 - the first time - If i do it again (after the reboot) then no problem. Did you ever resolve this ?