AS1115 "controller did not respond"

I have 2 AS1115 ControlEverything 3 char LED displays. Both report in the serial console “Controller did not respond” when I call display.init ()

I’m following the examples on GitHub and using very simple code snippets, but I can’t get anything to output to the displays. The “power” LED comes on. That’s all.

Have you confirmed that you’ve got the required pull-up resistors in place (jumpered)?
Have you set the correct addresses?

I’ve got the display hooked up to a relay shield, and I’m pretty sure the jumpers are required with that one. That said, I did have the pull up resistors connected during a few resets with no luck. Also, I don’t see how to address the displays. I have two, and I’d like to use both, but all I see are the pull-up Rs.
I left the components at work. I’ll try when I get in tomorrow. Thanks for the pointers.