Argon - Tinker and Variable

Good Morning
I have Argon with Firmware 1.5.0 from this Morning is not possible to see the variable on Console same with the Api - call. For this reason I flash app Tinker, first from my Iphone the device blink and go back with the correct - breathing cyan - but nothing appears on cellular and the star continues to turn without to stop.
Any Idea? Thanks a lot

Have you tried via DFU Mode and particle flash --usb tinker -v?

Thanks for the Answer, done the command but on Iphone nothing.

All best

What was the output of that command?
Can also watch (and show) what tells you after the device comes back online?


  1. I’m Flash Tinker from cellular and this work I can see the variable from Tinker.
    On Console on my Pc I see no Events. I attach a print screen from Iphone.

  2. I’m flash my code to see if I can see the Variable in Console but nothing.

  3. I do again a Tinker from Cellular and I have the same problem star turn without to stop


Hi ScruffR what o you mean if you downgrade the firmware?

Sorry I Flashing the Tinker (command)

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