Argon, PCA9685, and 2.4" TFT Featherwing

I am trying to use a 2.4" TFT Featherwing display from Adafruit (3315) with an Argon and an Adafruit PCA9685 8-channel PWM Servo Driver Featherwing (not the 16-channel). I have been able to successfully drive the display and interact with the system. However, when I try to add the PWM functions to the mix, everything seems to lock up.

  1. Can the display (SPI) be used with a PWM board (I2C)?
  2. Since I had to include dedicated Particle libraries for the display, I’m assuming that I need to do so for the PWM board, especially since the stock library won’t work with or without the display physically in the stack. Is there such a library and where would I find it?
  3. This is my first foray into all of this, so is there a question that I’m not asking (out of ignorance) that I should be?

My goal is to use the display to provide an input device to control some motor speeds (through the PWM board) and to show the current output on the display. There are some other nuances (sensors) that I want to add, but that will get me 90% of the way there.

Any help for a complete noob would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

If the board doesn’t work even without the display I’d first make sure the board is recognized by the controller at all.
To do that you can run an I2C-Scanner and see whether and at which address the board is found.

Then see whether the library you are using talks to the same address.
I would expect this library to also work with the 8-channel version as it uses the same driver chip. You may just not use the extra channels :wink:

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