Argon - no 1.2.1-rc.2 in web ide

As stated in the title, the latest release is not available in the dropdown for Argon devices. Wonder why ?

I can’t see 1.2.1-rc.2 available against any devices - maybe just a case of a short delay until it is put up. The assets are there on github, in fact 1.3.0-alpha1 has just been put up.

I succesfully updated two xenons to 1.2.1-rc.2 just now…

Still not available for ARGON - refreshed WebIDE repeatedly - visible for Core and XENON

I mentioned it to the team. Not sure it they can get to it during the weekend though.
This might be of interest as well :wink:

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Oh, it is :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

1.2.1-rc.2 should be available in the Web IDE for the argon too now :slight_smile: