Argon Mesh Radio power control

Fellow Meshers,
In the Argon datasheet, under ‘Radio Specification’, we are informed that the mesh radio for the Nordic Semiconductor nRF52840 SoC for BLE, Thread, and NFC, is output power programmable. Has anyone discovered how output power for mesh radio is controlled in code? We can turn on/off by writing to ANTSW1/ANTSW2 bits, but how is power controlled over the range indicated below?

Feature Description
Operating Frequencies 2360 to 2500 MHz
Output Power Programmable -20dBm to +8dBm
PLL channel spacing 1 MHz
On the air data rate 125 to 2000 kbps
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I don’t think that’s been exposed in the API yet.

I have to ask, how can Particle promote the virtues of their mesh technology if they can’t properly and accurately document radio performance or function?

The vast majority of folks don’t want or need to control radio power. I would suppose that it will eventually be exposed in the API, but there are far higher priorities such as the BLE and NFC APIs.