Argon I2C stopped working!?

One of my argons’ I2C stopped working… I run the Scanner on it and shows no devices, same shield with another argon returns addresses. Any Idea what could be the problem?
thanks for the help!

One possible reason could be that one of your I2C devices may have fed 5V to the I2C pins. On the Argon no GPIO pins are 5V tolerant. Even if they don’t blow immediately prolonged exposure to 5V may damage them over time.

only 3.3v devices… thats all i have… any easy way to test if its broken now?

You can use the I2C pins as normal digital IO pins and try to digitalRead() and digitalWrite() and check whether they do what they are supposed to do.

good idea … thanks for the quick help… i ordered another argon just in case :wink: haha
never bad to have an extra i guess… in case its broken…

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The ticker app was a good suggestion. I had the same problem - Argon that’s been doing the same thing for 2 years, all the sudden the i2c bus stops working. Tinker identified D0 pin is now bad. Goes open on high. No 5v has been anywhere near this device except the USB cable plugged into the socket. No idea why this thing died. Looks like some kind of hardware issue over time.