Argon ESP32 RF Testing

This is a bit of a Hail Mary, but I’m hoping someone in the community can give me some guidance. I’m trying to put the ESP32 into RF test mode as described here: Enabling Wi-Fi RF test for ESP32 | Hardware | Particle

Unfortunately the binary load always fails with a header mismatch error and a random 8-bit hex code. I’ve tried the flash tool Espressif has made available on their website. That “may” have loaded the binary but I can’t be sure since there is no definitive feedback with that tool. Now when I return to the tool described in the document referenced above and click start to enable the radio the command text box seems to imply commands are being sent. Unfortunately the radio never actually starts transmitting.

For those curious, this is a primitive RF mode used during spurious emissions testing as part of product EMC regulatory testing. In order to sell a product with FCC approval this has to be completed, so I’m a little perplexed how this isn’t a well worn path.

Any help is much appreciated! Even if someone can try repeating the instructions above and confirm/refute my findings that would tell me a lot.