Argon -- BLE UART works on one device, but not two others


I’ve created an app that is based on a code example in the docs that implements a UART over BLE for basic serial communication between the Argon and a smartphone. I have the code running on one Argon, but when I loaded it to two others, the other two Argons do not properly advertise the UART service – using BlueFruit on the phone, they all are displayed as “UART Capable”, but only the first Argon shows all the available services (i.e. UART, Plotter, Pin i/o, etc.) while the other two only show “info” .

All Argons are running 1.4.2 and I am loading the app via the cloud interface…


Update : I checked all three Argons using an Android Tablet running Bluefruit and all work OK – that is I am seeing all Argons advertise all UART services.

So then I completely shut my IPhone down and powered it back on. When I ran Bluefruit on the iPhone, it now shows the UART services as well.

Very strange – why would one Argon work but not the other two before rebooting the iPhone?


Glad you found the solution.
As for your final question, I’d think this is something to ask Apple about :wink:
I’m pretty sure tha reboot of the iPhone has no impact on the Argon’s behaviour.