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Hey everyone,

I’m working on porting some code over to a Boron from an ESP32 project. The ESP32 project utilized ArduinoJson v5.13. Converting the project to use ArduinoJson V6 seems like an undertaking as large as the project is so I’d really like to use ArduinoJson V5. I can’t seem to install an older version of ArduinoJson though. I have tried:

particle library add ArduinoJson@5.13
but that returns:
Couldn't fetch library: Error: Version 5.13 not found

I can’t seem to find any documentation for the Particle CLI to retrieve available versions of libraries. Teach a man to fish here :grinning:

@IOTrav I find the library info and search to be much easier in the Web IDE. I think you were missing the minor version;

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Awesome! I was able to install using:
particle library add ArduinoJson@5.13.3
Do you know if finding library versions is documented anywhere? I couldn’t find it to save my life. Just wondering if I missed something obvious.
Thanks @armor

Here is the API endpoint in the docs:

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