Arduino Library to Particle: TSYS01 on Boron LTE

Hello all,
I am an undergrad with very little experience in learning C++ and particle (about a month). So far I have managed to use some existing libraries to get a couple sensors working and I have created a state machine building off of other projects. I am trying to use an arduino library for the TSYS01 temp sensor in particle to get it working with a Boron LTE. I am wondering if there are any tips, pitfalls, things I need to know, etc. to get this code working through workbench. Any advice or resources are greatly appreciated.

Github: GitHub - bluerobotics/BlueRobotics_TSYS01_Library: Arduino library for the TSYS01 temperature sensor.

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One problem you may run into is that this library uses a variable float D1 while this is already used by Particle as #define D1 1 to denote the GPIO D1.
You’ll need to rename that variable (and maybe other common names like TEMP, …)

Due to the factors involved in the calculations you may also want to consider using double instead of float.

Otherwise the library looks rather straight forward to port.


Thank you for your help. This definitely steers me in the right direction.

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