Arduino compatibility

  1. does is support arduino libraries?
    can I use texmate from mac? (I understand i can’t use arduino ide)

2.does it gets it’s power from usb?.does it support usb- otg?

3.can i shut off cores/modules like wifi to save power?

very interesting device ,looks great .i’m a bit afraid to locked to something propriety.

my intention : communicating with phone to phone, getting power from phone ,attaching a motor to the device.
I have macbook air/osx/maverix.


1.) :spark: core supports the Wiring framework which Arduino uses. All you need it so port those libraries from Arduino and make do some code changes if it doesn’t work out of the box

2.) Powered via USB but also able to use external sources to power.

As for OTG, i think the answer is yes but not implemented yet.

3.) Yes, you will be able to turn the CC3000 Wifi module off and even put the core to sleep like any other microcontrollers

Nothing is proprietary on the hardware and firmware for the :spark: core. We love Open Source :smile:

You can find the schematics and firmware code at