Apps to provide WiFi Creds to Spark Core need to "Stop"

I’d like to get confirmation others are experiencing similar issues with both the TI SMART CONFIG app, as well as the Spark Core app when providing WiFi creds to the core.

  1. I am able to provide WiFi creds to a core using these apps, but I do not always get the “Stop” button to turn back to “Connect” in the Spark Core app. Same goes for the “Stop” button turning back to “Start” in the TI SMART CONFIG app.
  2. If the app is left in this continuing to try to send WiFi creds mode, the app continues to create network traffic which is enough to prevent the device from connecting on some networks. If I press stop in either app after the core has received the creds, the device is then able to connect to the cloud confirming this scenario.

I’d love confirmation that others have experienced this. Even better would be some suggestions on how to make sure the app always goes to stop once the creds are received by the CC3000.

Any help is appreciated!