Anyone got wired ethernet working?

13.00 GMT Thursday and still no sign, should I expect to see something from 8AM Pacific time?

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Just confirming, when a released version of Device OS that hasn't yet made it to VSC is manually specified in settings.json, Cloud Flash will correctly flash with the specified Device OS release, right?
"particle.firmwareVersion": "5.7.0",

Yes. Cloud flash will flash a binary targeting that version, and the device will update OTA.


Workbench v1.16.14 with support for device-os v5.7.0 has been released to the Extension Marketplace


happy to report that our eth device with p2 running 5.7 connects to our problematic ethernet!

(where 5.6 did not).

on first sight: faster network connect (<1 second) and fast cloud connect (6s)


0000004423 [app] INFO: Connecting Ethernet
0000004425 [app] INFO: timeout set to 60000 ms
0000004426 [app] INFO: State: 'eth connecting' (previous: 'unknown')
0000004859 [app] INFO: Ethernet network connected in 0 s
0000004867 [app] INFO: Ethernet IP address:
0000004870 [app] INFO: timeout set to 180000 ms
0000004878 [app] INFO: State: 'eth cloud connecting' (previous: 'eth connecting')
0000011095 [app] INFO: Ethernet cloud connected in 6 s (link: 0 s), (re)connected in 11 s
0000011101 [app] INFO: State: 'eth cloud connected' (previous: 'eth cloud connecting')

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