Any way to control Wyze smart plug from Argon?

I have a Argon in the basement that measures temperature, humidity, and dehumidifier water extraction rate and logs the results to a Google spreadsheet. I also have two Wyze “smart plugs” that I use to turn on the dehumidifier and an auxiliary fan. Is there a way to have the Argon control the two smart plugs directly using IFTTT, Webhooks, or ???

Hi @rayz
Sounds doable. Have you seen our Webhooks guide which describes what you are trying to accomplish?

IFTTT has been deprecated so we do not recommend using it at the moment.

To add to what KT mentioned:
ideally, Wyze would be providing an API endpoint that you can call with an HTTPS request that would allow you to control your plugs. This API you can call from a webhook.

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@particle7888 and @gusgonnet thanks! I guess what I was asking is whether Wyze provided an interface to Webhooks, and your posts seem to indicate that it does.
So I’ll take a look at the Getting Started and go from there.
Again, many thanks!

Hey, my apologies if I misguided you. I’m not sure they have an API so I recommend verifying that one exists. Thanks!

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@gusgonnet alas they do not. They have “Integrations” to Google Assistant, Alexa, and IFTTT and I might be able to get one to work but don’t have time to dedicate to it. Do you know if there’s any smart plugs out there that work directly with Particle? Otherwise, I’ll just do it in hardware.

I have a few smart plugs and switches that I “Tasmotized” and control with Photons and Argons via HTTP requests on a local network. Keep in mind there is no security with this method and you lose whatever automation you get via the app provided by the device.
The Particle phone app lets me send commands to the Argons, which then talk to the devices.
There are also HTTP apps that can control the device directly.
Lately these plugs/switches come with a new chipset that is not compatible with Tasmota, but others have Tasmota already installed.

maybe this one can help you?

Just know that there is only one pin to control this power bar, and there is one plug always on, I think 2 plugs that you can switch on/off and a third one that is the opposite of these two.
It may or may not help in your use case.

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Thanks @Pescatore I hadn’t heard of Tasmota before. But for this use case it’s probably not worth the extra trouble and security risk.

Thanks @gusgonnet, this isn’t the exact unit I’ll use because I need independent control of the two outlets but the concept works because the Argon, dehumidifier, and fan are all within 15 feet of each other.

another option would be something like this:

they can be controlled with this app:

However, I BELIEVE they are backed by the tuya cloud at the end (rebranding) which I think has an API that you would call with the Argon/webhook combo.

Tuya API:

What do you think?


@rayz while looking for something else, I came across this little thing:

you can control it with a dry contact apparently. Perhaps I can be controlled from your Argon.


@gusgonnet - thanks, that’s an interesting little device. But only rated for 10A load and $74/each!

@rayz, on Amazon Canada, the Mini R2 is CAD $18!

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@peekay123: I stand corrected! I took another look and see that $74 was for 5 of them. But even at that, if I have to have a wired connection I might as well hack the 15A Wyze plugs that I already have and just replace the ESP8266 with an opto.
It appears that the SONOFF support a REST interface on the wireless but my Argon, dehumidifier, and fan are all in the same basement room so it’s not worth starting a non-trivial project for.
Thanks for the correction!