Any news regarding 5Ghz?

I noticed that USI had released a new module that covers both 2.4 and 5Ghz wifi:

The specs look great:

  • ARM Cortex-R4 32-bit RISC processor.
  • 2 MB of on-chip SRAM for code and data.
  • 640 KB of ROM containing WICED SDK components such as RTOS and TCP/IP stack.
  • Full IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n legacy compatibility with enhanced performance.
  • Software architecture supported by standard WICED SDK allows easy migration from existing discrete MCU designs and to future devices.
  • Lead Free design, Green design requirement, RoHS Compliance, and halogen-free.

It also looks to be smaller than the P0 module at 10x10mm. The chip has 136 pins broken out compared to the P0’s 58 pins. I would really love to see this in a new product!


jenschr, i did some some reading on the link you provided and learned that there is an evaluation board for sale from a u.s. company that uses the chip you mentioned. looked like an interesting piece of hardware until i saw the ~$200 price for the eval board… that’s a bit rich for my tastes. maybe particle will find a use for the chip.

Yeah. Eval boards tend to cost a bit more than what you want to pay :wink:
The Photon is the best eval board for the WICED family there is so I suspect that Particle already have very good relations to USI. Porting for the R4 might be a decent amount of work though, so that’s why I wanted to ask.

Having this chip in the Particle portfolio would give them a good competitor to IC’s like Electric Imp’s imp005 that already supports 5Ghz.