Any Demo Boards for the Particle P1 out there for sale?

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I’m curious to know how the copper antenna on the P1 compares with the performance of the chip antenna on the Photon? I wonder if the P1 antenna layout is any better than the Chip antenna based on Particles testing that was done. I would assume one was better than the other.

I wonder why the chip antenna was not also used on the P1 like the Photon since it would have made the P1 a lot smaller.

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@RWB I think the P1 design is based around a module that USI had already done a lot of engineering / design work on eg Several similar modules there that look similar to the P1 I didn’t look at details too closely.


@RWB The P1 antenna is very similar to the Photon’s chip antenna. I can’t say why it was designed this way, but it can be less expensive and you don’t have to worry about sourcing issues (both of these are really not great reasons though). It’s also more robust when comparing just antennas (again, I’m pulling at straws here…). Both the P1 and Photon have a u.FL connector though, and with that I would expect when using the same antenna that both would yield very similar performance. We did create some Photon designs with a PCB antenna, but ultimately didn’t use it to save space. We also didn’t put those designs through rigorous testing so unfortunately I can’t get super specific about performance of those :smile:


@will I purchased a 10 pack of P1’s on Cyber Monday. They were out of stock over the weekend and then back in stock on Cyber Monday so I’m wondering if this batch I bought on Cyber Monday are from that new run of P1’s and if they have your latest factory image or not.

Even if I did get the original factory image units doesn’t a new firmware flash when I upload new code load your latest firmware anyway? Just trying to make sure I’m as up-to date as possible with the P1’s.

Hey @RWB! The units you purchased are still the original factory image–we haven’t yet reordered P1 modules with updated firmware. However, you are correct that the newest version of firmware will be flashed to your P1 when you connect it to the Internet for the first time, so you’ll still be able to take advantage of the most recent features.


Have you finished this design?? I would love to get this to learn about SMD soldering. I ordered a reflow oven, so I guess I need the designs to make stencils.

once you sort the issues I would be more than happy to buy some to learn, and then do my own design based on it.

The most important thing I learned about SMD soldering and reflow is that to get the nice professional results you want you have to use a good solder paste stencil. Everything I tried without one turned out looking like crap.

I also have some recommended solder paste by Kesters that was recommended to me for fine pitch parts and it works really good. I’ll have to look at it to get a model number if your interested.

Unfortunately there was an issue with my P1 order so I have been unable to fully test the boards yet. I literally have no P1’s so until they show up I won’t know if the board actually works.

I was able to resolve the RT8008 issue. The parts that were initially sent to me were indeed incorrect. I have already tested the power, button, and LED circuits on the board and will test the full system once my P1’s arrive.

I will will let you know as soon as everything is finished and ready for sharing.

Regarding the SMD soldering I would definitely recommend a stencil. Luckily we get our stencils made by our PCB shop in China for about 15 USD.

@lige Are your P1’s on the way or are they delayed? I have 10 sitting there and I can send you one if the P1’s are delayed for some reason.

Thank you.

Who do you use for PCBs and how much do you pay for something like the P1 board you are doing and how many do you have to order?

I currently use oshpark for volume of 3 PCBs but they don’t offer to make stencils. I have a Ultimaker CNC machine, and was wondering if it’s precise enough for stencil creation… But don’t know yet if it’s worth the effort or if I should just order it. is where to buy PCBs and steel stencils for quality boards and fast processing also cheap.

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@frlobo I get my PCB’s from OSH also and I get laser cut metal stencils cut by this guy:

Success!!! My P1’s arrived today and I assembled them on the breakout board. To my delight everything fired up on the first try. I did have an issue with the firmware update process as they got stuck in solid white or green LED mode. I was able to update the firmware via DFU and now everything is running smoothly.

Here’s a picture of the fully assembled P1 breakout board BREATHING CYAN!

Now that I have verified the layout I will send the updated rev to fab and should have the next batch of boards back next week.

What do you guys think is the best way to make these boards available to the community? I can list some on Tindie if that is easy for people to access. All suggestions are welcomed!

Please feel free to PM me if you would like a board right away. I have a bunch bare boards or can assemble full breakout boards.


Beautiful :slight_smile:

Is it open-source, though?

@lige Beautiful :smiley:

Your next boards will have the castellated edges right?

And its cheap and easy for us to make boards in the USA so for a lot of us just having the Eagle or other PCB files to have boards ran or modified slightly would be great. Are you OK with sharing your design files?

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Has anyone put out an eagle board/schematic yet? I’d buy a board like the one above but have some customization to do and would rather start with a known good base design.

Also partly related, I’ve been reading that leaving USB/JTAG open is poor security, test boards would have them but is there a way to secure usb unless the board is running a special firmware? Suggestions on how to secure those interfaces from tampering is welcome! I know a determined and skilled person can always get in as physical access is total access but I also don’t want the device to be open to malicious tampering because I left jtag headers on that don’t seem to be required for user interaction.

@LukeUSMC Here is a alternative to the standard JTAG connector: P1 - Custom Board Design Questions

And the Sparkfun P1 Red board has the eagle schematic and files available which makes a good starting point, that is what I used.

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Hi! Awesome PCB that you made!
Will you share the design files?
Thanks a lot!

Hi @lige Great work!

Where can I find your schematic of P1 breakout board? Is it available yet?


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