Antenna Boron LTE with FXUB66?

During the recent CES 2020, I visited the Taoglas booth to ask them about the possible solutions I am having with the current boron antenna.
They recommended to use the FXUB66 antenna, since it could provide 2X better reception. My question is:

  • Has anyone tried this antenna (FXUB66) with the Boron LTE?

Below are the issues I am having with the borons ( I have 3 in total working as gateways) each one of them has 2 xenons. One of them has lost connection since 4 days ago, and it’s connectivity to the cloud is not consistent, the other two display a very close information (shown in the pictures below). Pretty much all of these borons display ~30 - 40 disconnections, which I think is crazy considering the need of good data to be transmitted to the cloud .


@mr_3r I feel you on connectivity issues with the stock Taoglas antenna.

I am still in testing, but I have experience good results with the following combo if you can work with an external antenna setup:

I went from “Fair” to “Good” on the Console and significantly reduced disconnects.

May be worth a shot.

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Thank you for the suggestion, I will give them a shot and report back the results.
What I will be testing in the next few days are:
1- Antenna with 3M tape
2- Cell Phone Signal Booster
3- Your suggestion (once it arrives) @Backpacker87

Thank you again.

@mr_3r, sweet! Looking forward to seeing how it plays out!

I am curious if the booster will boost the LTE CAT-M1/NB1 that the Boron uses. I don’t know enough about cellular signals to know if that is a valid question or not.

@Backpacker87 I was able to get better reception with the 1st option (3M tape Antenna). One of the Borons went from Fair to Good reception, the other ones slightly improved.

I will keep an eye on the disconnections to confirm they worked as needed.

Thank you again for the recommendation.


@mr_3r, very interesting results. I will have to get one of the 3M tape Antennas and give it a shot as well. It would make for one less penetration in my enclosures so I am all for it.

So I performed another test, but this time on a different location with both antennas, and after the test I think the antenna you recommended is better than the one with the 3M tape on it - with an improvement of 10%.


@mr_3r, just wanted to check in and see if your connections have improved and which antenna combo you ended up settling on.

Hi @Backpacker87,
To be hones it has been a pain in the neck still with the 3M Taped Antennas, since I keep seeing similar behavior (a little better than the regular ones) as the taoglas.

I think in the next few weeks, I will be replacing the 3M antennas with the ones you mentioned before.