Android Problems

This has probably been discussed before but I can’t seem to find specifics using Search.
I just started using the Photon. I have a client that needs remote monitoring of small public utilities. I am preparing a demo for next week to show the ease of use and versatility of the Photon and IFTTT. After I configure, program, and test the Photon, I unclaim it from my Samsung S7 Edge. The trouble now starts. I am unable to reclaim it using the Android. The last step just returns an error. I have to use the Windows command line program to assign it a new network and claim it. The client is simply not going to buy this approach. Is this an issue or am I doing something wrong?

I would skip the unclaiming process. In my experience, if they go to claim a previously claimed device, it will ask if they want to transfer ownership, just say yes and problem solved.