Android app software requirements specification

Is there software requirements specification for android app? Maybe draft of SRS or something can be shared?

@Crafter, if you could elaborate a bit more than a one-liner, you might get more than a one-liner as answer.

This is more related to guys who developed android application, and they know what I’m talking about. What exactly you don’t understand? SRS

As it turns out, I do know what an SRS is AND I do develop (professionally for other platforms) for Android, too (e.g. ExtTinkerApp extention for :spark: Spark Core).
But what exactly do you ask for when you want :spark: Spark’s SRS?

Do you want to know what the existing :spark: Tinker App does?

Or do you want to know what your own development would need to obey too

But nevermind …

Any information, maybe in draft, would be great. The question is: is there any SRS related stuff or functionality was written on whiteboard and then coded in java?
@zach ?