Analog Current transducer


Hello guys new to particle I have a question if someone wouldn’t mind helping me out with a little information I have a Hawkeye 922 Analog Current Sensor from Veris industries Wondering if I can somehow utilize it into my particle project to monitor motor currents if anyone would help me out id appreciate it…


Welcome, A simple method is to use a resistor divider as follows:

but… the most common resistors don’t have a 5K value (based on this value range of common resistors)


You will need to change values to get the best combination.

So using 6.8K and 12K will get you a full range conversion of 5V input to a 3,19V value on the sensor pin. You will then need to include this in your code to calculate the actual values.

The accuracy will depend on the accuracy of the resistors so 1% tolerance once should be used where possible.

This method will produce reasonably accurate conversions. If you need high accuracy then you will need to investigate Op-Amps or similar, which is a bit beyond here.


ok thanks shanevanj can you guide me to wiring it up to the xenon just to make sure im doing it right


How about you show how you’d be wiring it and we can check if it’s correct?