Amazon dash. Anyone hacked it?

@impressiver thanks! WOW that is a nice breakout. Can you or your friend hook me up with a couple?

@lapse was a small batch, not sure how many were made. But I’ll definitely let him know you’re interested.

@impressiver PayPal is always ready to send money :smiley:

@lapse got a couple links to project files for you. The connector is the only component to solder, a few seconds with a heat gun would do the trick. My buddy also mentioned that if enough folks are interested he’ll do up a quantity batch, plus some pre-soldered breakouts to ship.

If you’re as anxious as I was to play with one of these, you can order a few bare PCBs off OSHPark for less than $10, and DuPont connectors under a buck from your fave distributor.

Circuitmaker project:

OSHPark project:

Looks like it’s 3 boards for $6.45. If you do order direct, make sure to hit all the pads with a multimeter. The first order had to be reprinted a couple times to get the traces right.

OK, now it’s time for me to try and flash some dash.

@impressiver thanks! Please relay my thanks to your friend. I ordered 3. I have some of the connectors sitting around already… the heat gun sounds like a better idea than my squinting and praying that my soldering iron is aimed right.

I have SPI flash working with WICED now. Going to poke at the I2S microphone. I’ll put up a GitHub repo next week with my work.

SPI you say? That’s fantastic! I can confirm that the breakout boards work, and stlink is reporting all the right info. I didn’t make much progress on the Particle WICED Dash code, but if I’ll send what I have tonight.

Would be great if we could collaborate instead of passing patch files back and forth. I might try to set up a repo that excludes the SDK source.

Here we go: Excludes the WICED source and sensitive copyright logos that lawyers like to search for.

How difficult is the soldering job? I’d be in for a pre-made version. Thanks for your great work!

I love that PCB. That is what I call hacking like a boss!

Sorry, life and stuff. Working on the patch!

The only component on the PCB is the connector, so if you have a rework station or are amazing with a heat gun, there’s no soldering required. Otherwise a soldering iron, flux, maybe some solder wick, and a bit of patience is all you need. Don’t melt the connector and you’re golden. If you have a few connectors on hand, that’ll give you multiple chances to be golden :smile:

I’m relaying these messages back to the dude who designed the board. Once we Particleize the Dash I’m pretty sure more of these PCBs will be made.

Here’s the current test rig (emphasis on “rig”):

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Very sweet! I eyeballed that connector for a match on digikey back when this started… and it fits. I never did make the PCB though, so I’ll be ordering I ordered some of those :smile: for a rainy day of hacking.

Would you mind sharing a link to the connector?
Edit: Is this the connector you used?

Yep! That’s the one I grabbed, and it’s mate:

But the mounting tabs of that one don’t necessarily fit the PCB above that I got from OSHPark… the pitch looks right though and a little superglue should work for extra stability… or scratch away some soldermask for the mounting tabs.

Thanks! I’ll grab a few and see if I have any luck interfacing with the OSHPark PCBs. Thanks for the mounting tips!

So excited to see progress on this!

This is really interesting! I didn’t realize that so much progress had been made. I was expecting to have to trap the connect call on the router like the earlier hacks! Fantastic.

Has anyone had time to play more?

I’m very interested to see progress on this too - had no idea it had a BLE chip even after tearing it apart! Lots of potential for super low cost here.