Adding Sound to Particle Projects

Please reply by message if you want to do any of the following:

  • Add audible notifications or alerts to a project?
  • Develop a project to to play MP3 and WAV files?
  • Reference DFPlayer information?

and you want to get early access to a new library:

The library:

  • Masks the complexity of the DFPlayer command-set under methods that mimic the buttons on a portable MP3 player: Play, Stop, Pause, Resume, Mute, Skip, … etc.
  • Handles ALL communication with the DFPlayer via a single, light-weight method (state machine) that can be run in loop(), or via a timer.
  • Provides instant access to DFPlayer states with methods like isPlaying(), isIdle(), isPaused(), isSleeping(), and isMuted().
  • Automatically puts DFPlayer into low-power sleep mode after two seconds of inactivity, and automatically wakes DFPlayer when the next play command is issued.
  • Supports SD and USB media.
  • Is packaged with four sample applications, and a QuickStart Guide.
  • Was built for and tested on Particle devices.

Project Objective: Provide a light-weight, reliable, easy to use, library that will:

  1. Make it easy to generate audible alarms, notifications, or other sounds within Particle projects.
  2. Support development of traditional mp3 / wav player applications.
  3. Provide documentation and resources to assist anyone who seeks information about the DFPlaye

@Bear, could you add a url and repository link to the file that link to the GitHub repo for that library? That would make it easier to browse the sources and possible fork and contribute to your library.

A link to your library in this post would also be good.

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