Accessing Photon away from WiFi

I recently got my photon and the first project I did was a WiFi based garage door opener and android app to control it. My issue is I’d like to be able to use the app away from home in case I needed to let someone in my house, is there any way to connect to the photon away from home WiFi as long as you’re connected to the Internet?

If you mean that your android phone is away from home then, yes. As long as your Photon is connected to the WiFi, then you can contact it from anywhere, as long as the phone has a connection to the internet. Assuming that you’re using the Particle cloud, you don’t have to do anything differently when you’re away from home.

Thank you for the quick reply, is there some documentation on this I can read? For the app all I’m doing is accessing the spaces associated to the specific device functions, when I try to do it away from the device I get an error that the welfare is not available

It’s still not clear what you actually mean.

  1. You have to have an active WiFi Access Point which your Photon can connect to available in your garage at all times.
  2. Your mobile device (e.g. phone) has to have internet connection at any time you want to talk to the Photon via cloud

Once you have the above, there is no more for you to do than what you would do when stood next to your Photon.

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