Access Token from Terminal

When I login on Terminal i receive:

logged in! { ‘0’: ‘[Access Token]’ }

I wanted to know if this is a dictionary so I do not have to always copy/paste the access token number in commands… If so, how can i use this dictionary?

Thank you for your help…i am new to this.

Dictionary of?..

For now, you can grab the access token via the Web IDE settings page or in the json file in the .spark directory.

It’s possible he means a dictionary / list / array using node. @Anth, what do you mean by “Login on terminal”? What software are you using?

Thank you both for the quick response. I am currently using a mac and I launch the Terminal application that came with my computer. I typed in “spark login” and it asks me for email and password as displayed below:

Anthony-McLeods-MacBook-Pro:~ anthonymcleod$ spark login
Could I please have an email address? [my email address]
and a password? ****
Got an access token! [Access Token was here]
logged in! { ‘0’: ’ [Access Token was here]’ }

Hopefully this sounds familiar unless i am doing something completely wrong.

I would suggest you look under the “Generate new access token” section on the Cloud API page:

You should be able to do a curl request and have it return an access token. Is that what you are looking for?

Thank you!

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