Access IBM Watson using this new Shield -> T3DUO

Hi All,

Introducing my shield: T3DUO.

This project started out as a Teensy 3.x + Photon + BLE, but morphed into Teensy 3.x + sensors + Audio (2x mic, 2x Amp channels) + gyro + magneto + Accelero + temp + amb sense + 32GB uSD + Redbear DUO.

I have been able to use this to successfully transfer large audio files from IBM watson down to my T3DUO and play back. I will provide examples for the Watson access, as well as all other functionality…

Posting here because I used the Photon on line IDE for programming the DUO

Also I’d like to know if anyone is interested in using the shield.
It is listed on Tindie with a prelim data sheet. It costs me approx $50 per board but will sell for $30 as an intro, but I need to order a number of these to minimize my out of pocket expenses for the sake of maker community.

Please click on the wait list on Tindie if you are interested.

Thanks in advance
(also posted on Teensy 3 & Redbear community sites)