AC power to xenon

How can I power the xenon using AC power in one of my lighting projects ?

By putting an AC/DC converter inbetween :wink:

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I meant to ask if anybody could recommend a good one.

What are your requirements? The lack of information means we can only give very broad answers, as you may have noticed.


Hi Abhishek,

I generally use the same chargers I use for my android phone.
If it’s good for my phone, then it can be good for my Xenon.
All this says is that you can get it from everywhere around you where you would buy a phone charger :wink:
Good luck!

A quick but slightly fuller answer - what you need to look out for in any mobile phone charger with a micro USB output is that the 5v does not have too much ripple - these are all switched mode AC to DC converters and may expect some conditioning / capacitor on the device.

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anything which we can solder to a PCB ?

@abhishek2101, here are some units to look at on Digikey. I assumed a 1A supply but if you are not powering a lot of peripherals, you could go to a 500mA unit.|2211%2Cffe0039b&quantity=&ColumnSort=1000011&page=1&stock=1&pageSize=25

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thanks peekay123

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Just as some friendly advice; next time you post a question for something you’d like help with, please consider including as much detail as you possibly can, so we don’t have to pull it out of you step by step.
In this case, something like:
“I’m looking for recommendations for a solderable AC/DC converter with power rating X and dimension Y.” would’ve saved quite a few in-betweens.