Absolute Newbie having trouble with Internet Button Web Page

I’ve just gotten my first Photon. Following the directions in the getting started guide and have gotten to the sketch for Blinking the LED with the internet button. I have had no problems up till now and have been able to use the Tinker app. The instructions tell me to copy and paste the HTML code for the web form into a text file. Then resave it as an HTML file (I used Word to do this). Then open the file and it is supposed to give me a simple form with a button that allows me to turn the LED on and off. All I get is the HTML code when I open the file. I have some experience building projects with Arduino but I want to add the Photon as a way to track their status when I’m out of town. I have NO experience creating web pages. Any guidance would be appreciated.

I’ve had issues using word for html in the past, try using notepad and then save as .html.

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Thanks for responding @Mjones. I haven’t been able to find a “Save as” option for either Notepad or WordPad to HTML. It’s not just as easy as changing the file extension is it?

You should be able to. Save it as a txt then change the extension. Its been awhile for me.

Never use word for saving html. Last time I used word for .html was like in the 90’s and even then it was not the preferred method. Open notepad, paste html code, click file --> save, you will be prompted for a filename. You don’t have to save as .html initially. You could save as .txt and then change the file extension to .html. I’m not sure of the exact steps you took in word so I would say you can’t just edit the extension on that word doc file.

Thanks @ninjatill and @mjones. I saved it as a text file then went into the command line and renamed it by just changing the extension. That did the trick. Appreciate the help.


This is a little off-topic but – I suggest Notepad++ over the stock Notepad. It does color coding for a bunch of languages (including .ino files!), has column select and a slew of other features. I think it’s awesome (and free!) and use it all of the time. https://notepad-plus-plus.org/



Agrees with you notepad++ make it aesthetically pleasing with additional features