A NixieTube World Cup Scoreboard

Just for a bit of fun (and because I am not allowed to watch all the world cup matches) I have created a world cup scoreboard with a couple of Nixie Tubes.

It automagically gets live data from http://worldcup.kimonolabs.com for whichever match is currently in progress using their API for Node.js.

The node.js script to drive this sits on a Raspberry Pi, and every minute grabs the latest score, and the current match minute and sends it to a spark core which drives the nixie tubes.

Also it sets the LED backlights on the nixie tube to the main colour in the strip for both teams.
Every 10 seconds it alternates between the current score, and the current match minute.

As you can see Iran vs Nigeria was 0 - 0 about 20 minutes ago :smiley: