A hosed Photon :-( [Solved]

I seem to have hosed my Photon by installing some accelerometer code that was in the Photon library. With all components removed, it boots up, starts breathing cyan, and then switches to breathing green. When I try and enter safe mode, I get fast blinking red and blue, then fast blinking red and green. Magenta never appears.
To try and solve this, I thought that I could use particle flash to flash some code to it, but particle flash flasher.ino just gives me a “Please specify a binary file, source file, or source directory, or known app” error.

I was thinking about using dfu-util, but then I read the warning about not using it unless advised by, basically, someone who knows what they’re doing – so I have not.

Any help would be most appreciated!

I would advise you to get advice from some qualified person who would advise you to try DFU mode.

It is not a “Beyond this place there be dragons” kind-of-thing.


As a Level 3 Champion, that sounds qualified … so you’re saying, go for it?

@mprogers, put your photon in DFU mode and run the following:

Particle update
Particle flash --usb tinker


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Thank you, peekay123, once again you have come to my rescue!