4D Systems LCD Display + Argon + UART?

Anybody else here have a 4D Systems LCD Display working with the Argon or Boron?

Everything works fine on the Photon but not the Argons or Borons?

Is it just me?

@RWB, I have an older 2.4" 4D touch LCD (µLCD 24PTU) but haven’t tested it. Which 4D unit are you using and which library?


I have the GEN4-ULCD-24PT which uses the same Picaso processor with the only difference from a quick glance is that yours has built in speaker for sound output.

I’m currently testing with this 3.5 inch display which works fine on the Photon.

I’ll run the same test with the 2.4 inch display we both have and confirm I’m seeing the same issue with the Argon.

I’ll share the code and the project files for you to try also if the Argon gives me trouble.

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I’m giving up on this for now and I’m just going to use the new 3.2 inch Sharp Memory LCD’s that I already have working on the Argon.

Has there been any improvement on getting access to the extra memory chip on the Argon?