12V solar panel system to power Particle Boron

So i have a 12v solar panel system to get electricity in small off grid house and i like to have a Particle Baron powered by that system, do i need some kind of converting to micro usb or can i put 12v directly to the Baron?

When i search in this community i find infromation about htat VBUS pin should work with 12v but where do i put the minus 12v cable to the Baron then?

If you had +12V and -12V this would be a 24V panel and that would be too much for the Boron to take.
However, if your “negative” lead coming off the panel rather should be the ground level, you’d connect that to the GND pin :wink:

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@RickardP ,

On thing to be careful about. A 12V solar panel does not put out 12V, it puts out enough voltage to charge a 12V battery. When there is little load on the panel, the voltage can be much higher - up to 18V. This may be too much for the Boron so you may need to add a voltage regulator or Zener diode to protect your Boron.

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