12 Pin PCB Socket

Hi Forum,
Does anyone know where I can get a 12 pin PCB socket for the Photon? I get it that two 12 pin female header rows will do the job but I’d line something a little more “professional” looking.

Are you looking for something like a ZIF (zero insertion force) socket like one of these? I personally don’t know if one exists, but just wanted to clarify your question a little more. I would also be interested if something like that exists!

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You could go headerless and solder directly to your pcb? there are no components on the underside for that reason, and the castellated edge makes it easy.

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Hi @Hootie81 and @wgbartley - and thanks for your response. I am not looking for a ZIP type socket - more something like this: http://www.galigear.com.au/image/cache/catalog/new/28pins-ic-socket-500x500.jpg

The option to solder directly onto the PCB is not ideal - as there may be instances where field maintenance requires swapout of the Photon, particularly where WiFi credentials change.


Photon is a “funny” width–I would use separate socket headers. I like Swiss machine socket headers but they are pricey.

Another (less-professional) option would be to take a standard 0.6 wide 24-pin socket and cut it down the middle

If you look at the Particle shields those headers used there don’t look bad, do they?


Thanks everyone - seems there are no “off the shelf” sockets the fit - or I can’t find them. I’ve gone with the straight headers, cut from a 40 pin strip. The method used in this you tube video worked well.