1 of 3 Photons is draining a battery much quicker

So I have three Photons with identical system firmware, identical application software, identical USB/Battery-based power supplies, all using identical batteries. One of these Photons consistently drains the battery much quicker than the other two (1 day vs. 30 days).

Though trial and error I have been able to rule out the batteries, as well as the power supplies as being the issue. The problem seems to follow this one particular Photon itself. I suspect and am willing to accept that its a one-off hardware error on the device but I just thought I’d share this situation in case anyone had comments.

Here is one further piece of information: by coincidence I was able to witness the problem-Photon reaching the end of it’s battery’s life. It was pulsing white; the frequency of the pulse seemed to decrease until it was finally lights out. At that point I plugged in the USB supply, the Photon powered up and behaved normally. Once I disconnected USB power, it again reverted to the white pulse after a few minutes. before going dark.
From what I understand, the Photon pulses white when it is reset so I suspect this white pulsing was simply a symptom of the battery being low, resulting in multiple resets before it died. In other words I think this white pulse was just a symptom of the main issue.

wifi connection is OK?

Which system firmware are you using. Running a Photon to a low voltage condition can cause it to possibly lose DCT data. With the latest 0.7.0-rcx firmware, the system will attempt to self-heal the wiped data. You should not operate the Photon at a voltage below its rated operating voltage to be safe.

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Yes, they all use the same wifi network and are positioned in the same place - beside each other. So if for some reason the wifi did go down, then I would expect all of them to suffer the same consequences. This isn’t the case though…

Current firmware on the devices is: 0.7.0 rc-2.
I have tried other firmware versions down to 0.6.0 and the problem seems to persist.