0.4.9 VERY positive feedback


OK so 0.4.9 is a GREAT new release ;-)).

You have cleared up some (to me) big issues and this seems a lot more stable now. In particular -

delay() now pumping the main thread is GREAT - its working now how I expected it to work, and my system is now WAY more responsive. It also now reboots immediately after an app OTA update :slight_smile: - not done that since I enabled 'SYSTEM_THREADING). Obviously my code was indeed starving the system as I always thought that delay did actually do some system processing…

FreeMem - now shows a MUCH better view of what is happening live, and has already allowed me to eliminate a couple of minor memory leaks - which I simply could not see before 0.4.9. Its now possible to see memory being free’d as an increase in FreeMem - again Excellent…

ATOMIC_BLOCK() - despite the fact that I was already using ‘nointerrupts() and interrupts()’ in my time critical code, I was still seeing errors (in my 1wire bit-banged code). Still proving this but wrapping byte writes and byte reads in ATOMIC_BLOCK() {} seems to have eliminated many (if not all!) of these timing issues. once again Excellent

Great release guys (IMO) - please keep up the good work…

Thanks again



Could not say more than this. 0.4.9 makes a Photon smooth as silk :clap: :clap: :clap: