Particle Workbench

Intellisense: Report Issues Here (2)

hello particle workbench user :wave: as you’ve no doubt learned, intellisense can be a bit finicky - it’ll flag non-issues in the “Problems” tab, report missing headers, etc. rest assured, if your code compiles you can …

Particle Workbench now available on Visual Studio Code Marketplace (4)

Starting today, you can install Particle Workbench via the Microsoft Visual Studio Code Marketplace without the need to signup for access. Workbench remains in Developer Preview, but making it available in the Marketpla…

Feature Overview of Particle Workbench (11)

At Spectra, our first conference for developers and product creators, we hosted a workshop that gave an overview of the features currently available in Particle Workbench. The workshop was recorded and will be posted soo…

Information: How to report bugs and provide feedback (4)

Hey folks! Because Particle Workbench is still in developer preview, we’re excited to work with members of the community to identify and improve issues with current and future versions of the Particle Workbench extensio…

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